PEACE Art and Photo Exhibition

Hiroshima Nagasaki 72nd Year Anniversary

August 2 - 15, 2017
Opening Reception: Tuesday, August 8, 7-10:30 PM

Please join us for the Peace Art and Photo Exhibition on August 2 –15. The Peace Exhibition provides a great opportunity for New Yorkers to learn about the history of the atomic bombings, and contemplate a more peaceful future.  

 “Genbakuten: Hiroshima and Nagasaki 1945"  includes 30 posters depicting the story of Hiroshima and Nagasaki that were created by the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum for the purpose of peace education. 

"From Above" a photo exhibit by Paule Saviano will be featured.  Paule held a photo exhibition at the Nagasaki Peace Museum in the fall of 2017.  “From Above” consists of portraits and reminiscences of atomic bomb survivors from Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and WWII firebombing survivors from European countries. He will also speak at the  reception on August 8 at 7:30pm. 

 “Last Message” and “The View” will be displayed by Natsuko Hattori, a young Japanese sculptor.  Her sculptures are created from balls that are individually wrapped with fabric, representing warmth, softness, human touch and love, and bound together to make up an entire whole. 

The Peace Exhibition includes some special events.  The Official Reception will take place on August 8, at 7pm. It will be followed by a Benefit Peace Concert at 8:30pm, featuring Shinji Harada, accomplished pop recording artist and Hiroshima cultural peace ambassador. NY local choir group, Japan Choral Harmony “TOMO” will also join the Peace Concert, lead by conductor Mike Shirota.  At 9:30pm, Live Streaming of the memorial ceremony from Nagasaki City will be shown, which includes a speech by Mayor Tomihisa Taue. At exactly 10:02 PM, the exact moment of the Nagasaki bombing, (in Japan it is 11:02am, Aug. 9tha bell for peace will be rung. 

Saturdays, August 5 & 12, at 11am-2:30pm, we will have an Origami workshop both days. The Films “Paper Lanterns” ,“The 71st Summer of Comic Artist Nishiyama” and “Journeymation Article 9 (animation)” will be shown on August 5 at 11amMusic Performance by Anacoustic Mind and special guests on August 5 at 12pm – 1:30pm; Emoji (Smiling character) Workshop and Calligraphy Performance will be conducted by Taisan Tanaka on August 12, at 12pm – 2pm. 

Let us learn from our history, and walk together towards a peaceful future! 

This exhibition is co-sponsored by the Buddhist Council of New York and the Interfaith Center of New York, in partnership with the Nagasaki Prefectural Government, supported by the Origami Therapy Association, and hosted by the Tenri Cultural Institute.