Reports about our Construction

Plan of Construction 1. Plan 2. Schedule


6/30 Removal of the front facade of the North Building

7/20 Removal of ginkgo tree

7/29 Removing asbestos under the scorching sun

8/4 Removal of window frames, roof, and ceiling by truck

8/11 Preparation of the south parking lot

8/15 Stairs are removed from the North Building and are installed in the Center Building

9/5 Removal of concrete on north property to be recycled on the south property

9/21 ConEdison came to cut off the electricity(It was delayed due to a heat wave in early August.)

10/9 Groundbreaking ceremony was held at the presence of Bishop. Tsuji

10/26 Demolition of the building


March Shrine construction by Rev. Jiro Morishita is making steady headway

3/5 Vanguard Corp's sign posted on the street

3/8 Reinforcement steel beams are installed along the borders of the adjacent property

3/9 Removal of the gingko tree begins with digging a hole around it

3/9 Two crane shovels and a half hour later, the gingko tree stub is removed

3/25 Hinokishin Day for the construction: tree roots are removed one by one, by hand

3/25 Digging is nearing completion and the hole measures 15 feet deep; thanks to the shoring, the neighbors' property suffered no damages

3/28 Next week the mixers will come by to pump concrete into the foundation

3/28 A scene from the weekly Wednesday meetings

3/28 Young Men's Association members building a block wall along the sidewalk

March: Master carpenter! The completed Shrine built by Rev. Jiro Morishita at Mission Headquarters in Los Angeles

3/30 Installation of forms to make the concrete walls

4/4 Ready now to begin pouring concrete into the forms

4/4 Placing the maple tree in a hand-made wooden planter in preparation for transplanting

4/4 With help from the contractors, the maple tree was transplanted successfully

4/5~7 Rev. Hirokazu Moroi, Vice-Head of the Overseas Department paid a visit to the site

4/10 Installing the steel plates in the basement walls

4/19 From the third floor of the Center

4/19 Basement walls; preparing to pour concrete

4/22 Garage sale--now a regular and anticipated community event

4/22 Cherry blossom trees in full bloom as the garage sale begins

4/23 Basement walls: a very critical area that requires patience and time

4/24 Arrival of the convoy of six concrete mixers

4/24 Pouring concrete into the basement wall forms

4/30 The concrete has hardened--now the forms are removed

5/1 Clear skies, smooth working.

5/1 From the third floor of the Center

6/1 Hinokishin everyday in preparation to mark the 30th Anniversary of New York Center--Mr. Yasumura from Canada paid us a visit as well

6/3 Group picture taken at the 30th Anniversary Monthly Service

6/6 The man in charge of it all, Boris.

6/6 Removing the forms around the hardened concrete in the north basement

6/6 From the third floor of the Center

7/11 Bringing in the iron beams

7/11 Scott Marble, architect of the project, overseeing construction

7/12 From the third floor of the Center

7/12 Giant iron beam are erected

7/12 From the third floor of the Center

7/12 From the third floor of the Center

7/12 From the third floor of the Center

7/12 Fast hands, speedy construction

7/13 Installing the roof

7/22 During Hinokishin Day. Rev. Morishita, the 85-year-old Minister of New York Center, climbs one of the bigger trees to trim the branches

7/25 Pouring concrete in the wall between the driveway

7/27 Completion of the wall

7/27 Truckloads of dirt are brought into the future parking-lot

7/27 From the 3rd floor of the Center

8/1 Installing the 1st floor frame

8/2 Dressed in full protection gear, welders work under the mid-summer sun

8/8 The arrival of the detention tanks which are to be buried underground

8/9 Installing floorboards on the first floor (for heating purposes)

8/10 Installing the frames for the roof on a rainy day

8/11 Framing the room

8/15 Completion of the roofing

8/23 Installing the detention tank and plumbing underground

8/23 Upper structure

8/23 Close-up of the upper structure

8/23 From the 3rd floor of the Center

8/25 Pipes for basement radiant heating

9/2 Meeting of the board of directors and committee members after the Monthly Service

9/6 A view from 147th Street

9/6 The wall frames are almost done

9/6 From the front

9/13 After pouring concrete (the basement was completed on 9/7)

9/20 Frames are installed and the layout is completed

9/20 Rev. Ueda and Rev. Toda of the Tohon Grand Church visit. Rev. Morishita gives them an update in the basement courtyard

9/21 The east side, with the exterior panels installed

9/21 Entrance

10/3 Handicap access ramp. Upper level derrier

10/3 The exterior panels are almost complete

10/6 Beam Raising Ceremony after the Autumn Grand Service

10/6 Walking to the site while singing Yorozuyo

10/6 Unity of mind: pulling up the plaque

10/6 The plaque, resting in place

10/12~15 Mr. Yokoi from Los Angeles volunteering his time to install audio wiring

10/28 November Hinokishin day. The big rock in the garden is moved by hand so it can be preserved.

10/24 Confirming telecommunication wiring and placement with representatives of the phone company and architect Scott Marble

10/30 Installation of the ducts are in progress as well

11/5 The roof installation began in in late October

11/5 The underground plumbing has finally been covered

11/10 Sheetrock installation begins

11/11 Wall installation continues even on Sunday

11/12 Tarring on the roof

11/12 The design of the roof is complicated

11/13 Digging a big enough hole to fit the detention tank

11/13 Installation complete

12/2 Rev. Morishita inscribing a message on a concrete panel to be installed on the building's exterior

12/2 Others follow Rev. Morishita and begin writing their own messages

12/10 Tending the land facing 147th street

12/10 Everyone is geared up for a cold day. The ceilings are installed

12/10 Passageway behind the Jodan

12/19 A scene from the weekly Wednesday site meetings


1/6 It's the kids' turn to write on the cement panels

1/7 The frames for installing the exterior panels are put into place

1/7 A view of the new sanctuary from Sanford Ave.

1/10 Installing the exterior cement panels

2/3 A scene from the meeting; after the Monthly Service

2/3 Members from the Women's Association visit the site

2/13 Installation of floor heating pipes begin

2/13 Doors are installed in each basement room

2/14 Exterior walls are almost done

2/14 A view of the site from the North

2/26 Sewage pipe installation

2/26 Putting compound on the ceilings

2/27 Ceilings in the basement are underway

2/28 Entrance

2/29 The Elevator lift

2/29 The lights are on in the sanctuary area

3/2 A joint meeting between the board of directors and construction committee after the Monthly Service

3/6 Work begins on the courtyard stairs

3/12 Ceilings in the basement are almost done

3/13 Alejandro Jimenez and Mr. Oshiro flew all the way in from Jiba to do some hinokishin

3/13 The ceiling of the shrine boasts an innovative design (on the right is the Jodan)

3/13 Courtyard stairs are installed

3/19 Reverend Zensuke Nakata visits. Photo op with architect Scott Marble

3/21 Tearing down the Boys and Girls Association room

3/21 After the contractors dismantle the BGA room, hinokishin members moved the pieces to the container

3/25 Mr. Yokoi flew in from LA to participate in hinokishin

3/29, 30 The Successor Seminar is held at the construction site

3/31 - 4/4 Motohiro Iwahashi and Yuusuke Tanaka of the San Francisco Young Men's Association visit the site and take part in hinokishin efforts

4/2 Installing tiles in the restroom

4/4 - 4/8 Vice Head Hirokazu Moroi of the Overseas Department and North America and Oceania Section Chief Takaharu Ichise of stop by during their missionary tour. A scene from the construction committee after the Monthly Service.

4/8 Section Chief Ichise participating in hinokishin at the site.

4/9 Preparing the perimeter grounds

4/25 Rev. Okui and Zen Fukagawa even out the gravel in the parking lot

4/28 Installing floors in the shrine

4/21〜5/1 Three friends of Mr. Tamaki's from Maine visited to help out in laying the rubber floors in the basement and installing pavers for the walkway

4/25 Installing hand rails for the handicap access to the north side

5/4 Hinokishin day. Transporting the dirt to the south parking lot

5/4 Children happily going back and forth carrying dirt

5/25 A scene from the garage sale. Half of the profits went to the construction fund

5/25 The garage sale raised 1390 dollars

5/29 Exterior windows are installed

5/30 Carefully, transplant of a tree with Rev. Uesugi.

5/31 A view of the Shrine from the office

5/31 With Rev. Uesugi. 3 trees were successfully transplanted

6/1 Fusekomi hinokishin after the Monthly Service

6/1 Forming a line to ferry the blocks

6/6 Painting

6/6 Courtyard paper installation is completed in a week

6/10 Mr. Rodriguez working under the scorching sun. The gentleman in the back is Mr. Tsukamoto

6/10 Yuji Okui and Mr. Kubo carefully lining up the blocks.

6/10 Kitchen cabinets arrive
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