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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost?
    Tuition, registration, and textbooks are charged separately. The fees are as follows: $220 for tuition, $30 for first time registration fee, and $41 for the textbooks. However, please note that the textbooks usually lasts for six courses. See materials section in the schedule page for more information. Thus, a typical Beginners class would cost $291 altogether.

  • Do I have to buy texts for each class?
    Not neccessarily. For example, a Beginner's class text will last for about four consecutive classes (over half a year).

  • When do I need to register for a class?
    You can register anytime. However the max enrollment for any adult class is 13 and once the limit is reached, the class is closed for further registration.

  • What happens after I complete a class?
    If you'd like to continue with your studies, the next level class is usually available at the same time, with the same instructor.

  • What happens if I miss a class?
    If you need to miss class for any reason, please e-mail or call to let us know. Also, if you miss one or more classes, each student is entitled to one free makeup lesson, once every seven-week session. Additional makeup lessons are available as private lessons, for a fee.

  • What if I have studied Japanese before?
    We suggest that you call us to set up an evaluation interview and then based on the interview we can place you in a class that you can observe. After the class you are welcome to register.

  • What will I learn in the class?
    In a typical 7-week class you will initially learn a “survival level” of Japanese--basic greetings and basic conversation. Although there is an emphasis on conversation you will also learn the fundamentals of reading and writing.

  • What are the teacher’s qualifications?
    All teachers are native speakers of Japanese and are trained at the Tenrikyo Language Institute in Japan or at the Japanese Educational Centre in Vancouver, Canada.



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