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Japanese Language Class for Children


  1. Children over 4 years old (born in 2010) and live in the U.S.
  2. One or both of the parents are a native Japanese speaker and the children can understand Japanese corresponding to their age.
  3. One or both of the parents can help the children to learn Japanese

The goals of the classes “The Three Promises”

  1. To become a child who can say “thank you”. (Be the person who can say his/her greetings)
  2. To take good care of the textbooks, pencils and notebooks. (Write your name on everything you have and take good care of them)
  3. To study while helping one another. (Listen to the teacher while having fun studying with your friends)

The classes

  1. Kindergarten: the children get close to Japanese and learn words through singing, finger games, word games and Origami(crafts) They also learn Hiragana while using handouts.
  2. Elementary school: the children use Japanese textbooks often used by native Japanese speaker (Mitsumura Tosyo) and study along the curriculum of this school.
  3. Repeated readings to learn the skills to read and understand correctly.
  4. Use the workbooks of Kanji that accompany the textbook and learn the skills to read and write Kanji.
  5. Use the handouts accompany the textbook and learn comprehension skills.
  6. Improve writing skills by keeping a diary, making short sentences, and writing essays.
  7. Assignments: Reading aloud textbooks, Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji dictation, keeping diary, writing an essay, handouts.
  8. Use contact notebooks and write some messages and information about classes including assignments to keep in contact with the parents.
  9. Reports of the school which inform our events are issued every month
  10. Get the report book about the attitude and evaluation twice a year
  11. Have a final “Readaloud Presentation” in June
  12. Between winter term and spring term we will hold parent-teacher conferences. 

    Age/School Year/Class Schedule/Contents

    We have a limited capacity of the number of enrollees depending on classroom or school year

-We need 4 students at least in one class  

-The number of times of the classes is 34 times a year

-Each classes has 51 hours in one year (90 min, once a week)



Kokugo kyokasyo (Mitsumura Tosyo), Kanji Doriru (Singakukusya), Keisei Purinto (Shingakusya)


We will use textbooks published by Mitsumura.



Schedule of the classes

We will be holding Readaloud Presentations on the last day of class in June



  1. Decide which class would match your childs learning experience and environment with teacher
  2. Fill the registration form and hand in to information desk with tuition fee(get the registration form at the information desk or download
  3. childapplication)

Class Fee

  1. Annual installment:$580
  2. Every term installment: Session I: $260 Session II:$200 Session III:$200

Information about Tuition

  1. Choose the way to pay (Annual or every term)
  2. Registration of a second child receives a 20% discount
  3. Class fee includes the cost of workbooks and handouts
  4. Class fee does NOT include the cost of textbooks


  1. You can use cash, check and credit card (remittee: Tenri Cultural Institute)
  2. Payment of tuition must be done at the beginning of each session

Mid-year Enrollment

  1. Mid-year enrollment is permitted
  2. The students can observe the class if they enter mid-year

(in the case the class has open seats)

  1. Please call in ahead to schedule an observation or to register for classes

To the parents

  1. It is necessary to learn Japanese at home with the parents’ help to maintain learning Japanese
  2. The class will be taught only in Japanese. Even if the class becomes a bit difficult, we do not facilitate in English
  3. Please praise them for their efforts and encourage them when helping with their assignments
  4. Please write their name on all belongings (textbooks, workbooks, notebooks, pencils etc)
  5. Please do not allow them to bring unnecessary items to class
  6. All the students bring home contact notebooks with information about the assignments and the classes. Please do not forget to check the assignments.
  7. Please send the e-mail notifying if they will be absent.
  8. If they cannot follow the level of the class, we will suggest a retake or change the class or take extra classes.
  9. If they cannot study properly, we will suggest some solutions (e.g. you would  be with them in the classroom)  

Information about the institution

  1. In this institution, we have other language classes and various cultural activities going on at once. Please refrain your children from making loud noises or running in the halls.
  2. The artworks are exhibited and some of them are very expensive and easy to break. Please pay attention to them and not to toucch any of them.

Schedule And Tuition

Class Schedule

Day Time Class
Wednesdays 4 ~ 5:30pm Pre-K and Kindergarten Class
Grades 1-6
Thursdays 4 ~ 5:30pm Pre-K and Kindergarten Class
Middle School Class
Saturdays 10am ~ 11:30am Kindergarten Class
Saturdays 1 ~ 2:30pm Pre-K and Kindergarten Class
Grades 1-6
Middle School Class
Saturdays 2:30 ~ 4:00pm Kindergarten Class





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