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Wearing the Silence: A Painting Installation

June 6-24, 2008
Opening Reception 6/6 (Fri.) 6~8pm

For her debut New York solo exhibition, Amalia Piccinini will create a wall-to-floor conceptual installation comprising abstract paintings on canvas, works on paper, and other objects. Piccinini’s work evokes an enigmatic personal world based on visions of herself as an artist living in a big place, a studio where “ I walk through the corridor and each room is a different silent site. In reality I always lived in tiny rooms and made paintings in tiny, limited spaces. But I believe anything is possible and everything can exist if one is visionary”.

The dark and the bright paintings are simulacra of natural phenomena. They are entropic colors located between the liminal spaces of presence and absence, flux and stasis, chaos and order. And like the mysterious dark matter, the bright night sky or the spark of light, each canvas is an emotional window of reality and meaning. Piccinini strips down color to its bare essentials to create a space and environment where characters are rendered visible through the exhibited objects: the chair, the table and the books. Each element of the collective vocabularies of art and life becomes part and parcel of what the artist calls an “interior rebus”. As part of that vision, she adds “The drawer can’t be opened because the furniture is facing the opposite side. Perhaps, many unexpected memories, sensations, and all connections to the subconscious will be triggered.” In a way, it is self-autopsy, a semiotic process of peeling away layers to unveil hidden meanings and truths. Indeed, the installation contains a sense of enigma, a presence, as if Piccinini is always in the room. She could be somewhere reading in a white chair or writing a very short thought or observing people from a corner. In Wearing the Silence, Piccinini reveals an interest in pushing the material and the psychological boundaries of her art.

Amalia Piccinini was born in 1974 in Italy and studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts, Macerata City. She moved to New York in 2005 where she studied abstract painting at the Art Students League of New York.

Wearing the Silence is curated by Mariano Del Rosario, a New York artist, writer, and an independent curator.


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