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Younhee Paik
Wondrous Garden
Paintings and installations

April 29 ~ May 28, 2009
Opening Reception 4/30 (Thu.) 6~8pm

Golden Climb-Fish, acrylic on canvas, 2009, 96"x142"

Younhee Paik's art is grand, not only in its size which is monumental, but also in its conception. Paik's visionary production spans great lengths crossing tremendous heights to offer us her magical galaxies overlaid with cathedral plans from the medieval world. Her sacred geometry depicting harmonious proportions and cosmologic parameters in mathematical ratios is parallel to the cultural universal condition. Sacred geometry such as that found in Paik's expansive surfaces covered with stars was employed in religious architecture. Medieval churches and temples incorporated symbolic geometry, basing it on the design of the cross or mandala. In Cosmology the world can be seen in terms of cosmic geometry as did Johannes Kepler. The natural world also can be discussed in geometric terms as seen by snowflakes, or honeycombs. In fact these geometric/natural correspondences can be considered paradigms of cosmic significance.

Paik's tremendous canvases transport the viewer on a mystical journey through which he discovers new dimensions not always recognizable. Pythagorean mathematics and Sufi geometry mix to produce realms that surround the viewer leaving him disoriented and in total awe. Paik's huge universe envelopes the viewer, caressing and welcoming him into a sea of alchemy.

Click here to see more photos of the exhibit taken by photographer Michael Meyer

For More Information: Please contact the Exhibitions Director Dr. Thalia Vrachopoulos at 212-691-7978 or or the Tenri Administrative Director Mr. Michael Yuge at 212-645-2800 or .


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