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Being and Mother Methods

October 11th through October 28th, 2004
Opening reception: October 15 (Fri.) 6 ~ 8 pm

Toju, White I 283/4"X283/4", Red I 283/4"X283/4", Yellow I 46"X353/4", Oil; Polyurethane on Canvas, 2004

The traditional Japanese creative methods (mother methods) are a vehicle for recognizing the myriad of oppositions in life as one unified entity. This importantconcept becomes the bedrock of this painting exhibition which focuses on the overall encompassment of space. The concepts of A-UM and SANSUI are integral to this exhibition.

Toju, Orange 93"X34", Oil; Polyurethane on Canvas, 2004


SANSUI is a mountan-waterscape, a poetic Chinese creation. Sansui-hua, as it was originally called, dates from before Christ and culminated in the 11th century as lanscape with a philosophical outlook. It was introduced as part of Zenrin culture into Japan, where it was given a new interpretation. Japanese SANSUI represents an inner world, where SAN and SUI live as one, not as two opposing elements.

 A-UM consists of two companion syllables. The first, A, starts the world and puts it in a process toward the end, which is punctuated by the second, UM, which restarts the process. A-UM represents the view which treats the world as a living whole typified by continued breathing.


Toju, Orange 93"X34", Dark Violet 93"X34", Oil; Polyurethane on Canvas, 2004

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