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Performing at Tenri Cultural Institute
Dancer, Choreographer, Yoboku

On September 28, 2007, I was a special guest, performing my solo dance for the music series opening at the Tenri Cultural Institute in New York City. This was my first opportunity to see the Institute and its operation. The interior architecture of the building is very nice and modern. It has a good-sized stage and sound system with seating for 60-70 persons. It has wall space that can be utilized as an art gallery. It also has four classrooms. It is my understanding that the Institute is functioning well.

When the Institute opened in 1991, no one in Tenrikyo was more supportive and interested in its success than I was. I have always advocated that one of the best ways to spread the teachings in American society is through arts and culture. In the early 1970’s, I tried to produce a major ballet entitled Oyasama. Then, my second great project was to produce a major ballet entitled Creation (Motonori)
with music by Dan Ikuma for Oyasama’s 100th Anniversary. The Creation ballet was almost on its way but fell through because of lack of funding.

I am very pleased that under the directorship of Mr. Okui, the Institute has been successfully presenting classical music concerts and Japanese language classes, both of which have a loyal following. Going forward, the Institute has a unique and challenging opportunity to expand its audience by expanding its programming. The citizenry of New York are well known for their interest in all types of art and culture and, therefore, would enthusiastically welcome new presentations by the Institute. With creativity, flexibility and vision, the Institute could attract a greater cross-section of the population and, thus, more nioigake could materialize. I wish them well in this endeavor.



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