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New York Peace Film Festival

The “First Annual New York Peace Film Festival,” planned by two Japanese women and two American men, was held at Tenri Cultural Institute for a three day period from August 10 to August 12. Films featuring the themes of war and the atomic bomb drop at Hiroshima and Nagasaki were shown, and live music and dance performances praising peace were also held. Films that were shown during the days included: a 2006 Academy Award nominated documentary film created by Japanese-American Steven Okazaki, “The Mushroom Club”; and a film tracing the footsteps of the people who experienced both the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings titled, “Double Hibakusha.” In addition to the films shown, there was a performance based on poetry about the bombings, a talk by a Hiroshima A-bomb survivor, and a Q&A session with the film directors, gathering a crowd of about 50 enthused Japanese and American people on each day of the festival. The Japanese TV News Network, NHK, filmed the event on the first day of
the film festival, and their report was broadcast on August 16 in Japan on “News: Good Morning, Japan” special issue “Talking about the A-Bomb in New York.”

Arts at Tenri – Tenri Chambers Players Inaugural Concert

On September 28 at 8 pm, the inaugural concert of the Tenri Chamber Players concert series will be held at Tenri Cultural Institute. The inaugural concert series includes performances of piano trios by Beethoven and Haydn, paired with classical Edo period music for the Japanese sankyoku ensemble. A monthly series of chamber music concerts will be performed under the name “Arts of Tenri.” Over 300 years of tradition will be represented throughout the series, with concerts showcasing the programming goal of the series by combining two traditions, artistry features, and both traditional and contemporary music from the Japanese and Western cultures. Albert Lotto (piano), James Nyoraku Schlefer (shakuhachi), and other fellow Yoboku performers and music groups will join to perform during the series. We will be welcoming special guest, Kazuko Smith, a Yoboku Japanese dancer based in Los Angeles, at the first concert. In addition, the Borromeo String Quartet will also be performing for the series in December and March. For further details, please visit the website



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