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On September 28, the inaugural concert of the Tenri Chamber Players concert series was held at Tenri Cultural Institute. Since it was the first concert of the series held under the name “Arts at Tenri”, there were concerns of low attendance; however, the 60 seats which were prepared filled up in no time, and an additional 15 seats had to be set up. The program consisted of two parts, the first half devoted to performances of the Japanese sankyoku ensemble (koto, shamisen, shakuhachi) led by Yoboku James Nyoraku Schlefer, while the second half focused on Western classical music violin, cello, and piano performances led by Yoboku and Artistic Director Albert Lotto. There was also a special guest performance by Kazuko Smith, who performed a dance after the first half of the concert.

After the concert, a reception was held along with the celebration of Executive Director of TCI Rev. Toshihiko Okui’s 60th birthday. A birthday cake and gift were presented to the accompaniment of everyone singing, “Happy Birthday.



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