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Tenri Cultural Institute Party for the New Year

Tenri Cultural Institute’s New Year Party was held on January 6 (Friday).

This year over 200 people participated with Tenrikyo followers, students from the Japanese school and their family and friends attending. Beginning from last year, students and their parents from the children’s class were invited, which made the Party a lively affair. Members of the Tenrikyo Women’s Association in New York, staff of TCI and NY Center helped prepare food; guests wined and dined throughout the night. Following the presentation of perfect attendance awards, there was a kimono demonstration which was a big hit last year, as well as Japanese calligraphy and origami demonstrations, giving those who attended a chance to experience a Japanese New Year’s celebration.


Rev. Okui presenting the perfect attendance award
Demonstration of how to wear a kimono
Rev. Okui giving the New Year Greeting speech

New Year Party Greeting by Toshihiko Okui, Executive Director

 Happy New Year 2006 or the 169th year of the Teachings of Tenrikyo! I thank all of you for attending the Tenri Cultural Institute’s New Year Party.

 In February we will celebrate the 15th anniversary of TCI. We originally opened in February 1991 in SoHo with six students. In fifteen years, TCI instructors have taught 1680 students in the adult class. Three years ago, we added a children’s class. Due to everyone’s cooperation, we have been able to make TCI into the lively place it is today.

 This year several instructors are scheduled to return to Japan. However, we promise that our new instructors will do their best to remain true to our motto of "unlimited kindness," so we ask for your continued support.

 This year is a special year for Tenrikyo followers. It is the 120th year since our beloved Oyasama withdrew from physical life. Because the entire year will commemorate the 120th Anniversary of Oyasama, people from all over the world are expected to return to Tenri this year. TCI’s adult class is also planning tours to Japan that will guide students to Tenri. Detailed announcements are forthcoming. If there are any of you who are planning a trip to Japan on your own, please contact us and we will assist you in any way that we can.




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