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Tenri Gallery Information

Gallery Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 12 ~ 6 pm
Saturday: 12 ~ 3 pm

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Curated by Kyoko Sato

November 28 - December 4, 2023
Opening reception Friday, December 1, 6-8 pm
Live Performance by Tom Chiu (Violin) and Toshiki Hayasaka (Painting)


The importance of being committed to the moment, “living now.” The realization that single moments can accumulate to become a lifetime. Noticing the value of life by living each "fleeting" moment to the fullest. Toshiki learned this from bushido, because samurai knew the death could come at any moment. The deeper the shadow of death, the brighter light of life, so they spent their days living in the moment.

Toshiki was born in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, and experienced the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. He was a member of the fire brigade while still in college, and was involved in lifesaving efforts. The debris after the tsunami hit was a scene that made it hard to believe that people had lived peacefully where the houses were the day before. Through this experience, Hayasaka realized the preciousness of life and decided to live in the moment, "now," and to live as an artist for that purpose.



Ayakoh Furukawa-Leonart
Whispers of the Soul: Prayer in Art

December 9 - 21, 2023
Opening reception Saturday, December 16, 3-5 pm

"I approach my work with trepidation. As it evolves, I am in the moment, and it becomes transcending. I never know where it will be. I will never understand the mystery that propels the making of Art. To me, Art is not methodology, rather sacred mystery."  Ayakoh Furukawa-Leonart 

For nearly two decades, Ayakoh has dedicated her creative energy to the fusion of textual elements within her artistic expressions. The artist sometimes borrows words from notable individuals, but often the words are an original sentence(s) or poem composed by the artist. Additionally, there are the works where new elements are added after many years have passed, as a result of her recalling and sincere rethinking the theme. Repeatedly echoing these words in her mind, she uniquely incorporates them to construct fervent prayers. Her works undeniably encapsulate the contemporary conflicts, reflecting a deep contemplation of the theme through the lens of her identity as a woman artist and a spiritually inclined individual. Throughout this process, an ongoing conversation unfolds between the artist and the work. The technique for her drawing is very difficult to modify and requires great concentration. However, she mostly creates without detailed underdrawings or plans. Ayakoh embraces this spontaneity to create a dynamic interplay that infuses depth and meaning into every word and stroke. The completed image is not merely an artistic creation but as a profound expression--a prayer, an invocation of the moment. As you explore an artistic endeavor of Ayakoh Furukawa-Leonart, you will be captivated by the layers of thoughtful integration of text and image. We are cordially inviting you to this profound dialogue she creates. 

About Ayakoh Furukawa-Leonart (a.k.a. Ayakoh Furukawa)
Born in Japan, lives and works in New York since 2000. She received BFA and MFA from Hunter College, the City University of New York



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